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                                             Christmas Stories


Chestnuts roasting on an open fire and stories told around the Christmas table - these are a few of my favorite things. Since 1981, I've told many Christmas stories. A big part of my personal stories (P) were inspired by Christmas past. I also enjoy the many folktales (F) and literary stories (L) that center around the holidays. Sometimes, I take a well-known folktale and adapt it (A) into a Christmas "The Gingerbread Man." Where ever possible, there are links either to my versions of the story or on-line references for the book or story. Here is a list of the stories I tell separated into ages.


bulletThe First Star of Christmas (L)- adapted from a story by Bethany Roberts in Waiting For Spring Stories.
bulletLooking For Christmas (L) - adapted from a story by Bethany Roberts in Waiting For Spring Stories.
bullet The Gingerbread Man (A)- adapted from the original to include Santa, Mrs. Claus, Rudolph, etc.
bullet Santa's Noisy Christmas (A) - adapted folktale from "Too Much Noise." Santa asks fairy to stop the noise and she advises to add more and more to his house. This is the puppet show version, but I also tell it with LOTS of audience participation.

1st - 6th grades (6 yrs. to 12 yrs.)

bullet The Riddle That Saved the Queen - Riddle of the apple told in medieval times with the prince search for the answer to help his sick mother, the queen.
bulletBr'er Rabbit and Father Christmas (F) - Br'er Rabbit tricks hungry Br'er Fox and Br'er Bear into giving his family their best foods during the holiday season. The Rabbit family mysteriously disappears after "Father Christmas" comes calling.
bullet Clown of God - a version of "Our Lady's Juggler" by Tomi DePaolo set in Italy. This is copyrighted therefore it can not be shown
bulletThe Schnook Clown Family (A) - An adapted version of the "Twister Mouth Family" told as clown getting ready for the big Christmas show. No written version
bullet Fritz, Franz and Frederick (F) - A German story - 3 lads are rewarded for their tricks by a not-so-nice "intruder." Also called by other names - The Dwarf and the Cobbler's Sons
bullet The Christmas Apple (F) - A German clockmaker makes a magnificent clock to give at Christmas but sells it for money to pay for poor child's medicine. His humble apple is rewarded when the bells ring out.
bullet Legend of the Poinsettia (F) - as collected by Tomi dePaola  Under copyright but here is a picture of his beautiful book.
bullet A Bed Fit for a King (O)- original story about a carpenter who has a dream of building a most beautiful bed. His name is Benjamin.
bullet The Polar Express (L)by Chris Van Allsburg   Under copyright.
bullet This Little Light of Mine (A) The setting for the story about "filling a house" is The Nativity.
bullet Red Shoes for a Real Princess  (O) An original story about a pair of shoes that finally see their dream come true on St. Nicholas Day.
bullet A Stocking From St. Nicholas (A) A version of the good girl/bad girl story where St. Nick rewards the good girl with riches while the bad girl gets coal and sticks.

Young Adult - Adult

bulletThe  Three Wishes (A)- A Swedish story adapted for Christmas. A man squanders the 3 wishes he received from the Christmas fairy.
bullet The Christmas Fairy of Strasburg (F)- German king falls in love with the lady in the lake at Christmas time. She disappears when he mentions "death" in her presence. Lights a tree every year in her memory - beginning of putting lights on the tree.
bullet A Touch of Christmas (P) Dream of my mother on Christmas night.
bullet The Family Tree - A Hodgepodge of Christmas Memories  (P) A story of our Christmas tree as it grew and grew over the years.
bullet Dance, Harlequin, Dance     (P) A story of a dancing doll that I received one Christmas
bullet Showtime!  (P) Kindergarten Christmas Pageant.
bullet Faces of Christmas Past and Present  (P) A special Christmas ornament takes on new meaning later in life
bullet Do You See the Lights (P) The story of my father's death at Christmas time.
bulletMy Charlie Doll Doll  (P) A boy doll that I refused to believe my mother when I "saw it" in the church bazaar.
bullet The Gift of the Hummingbird (P) The crystal hummingbird that was a gift from my mother.
bulletThe Chimes (L) by Erma Bombeck in   If Life is a Bowl of Cherries What Am I Doing in the Pits?
bulletJar of Rosemary  Adapted story by Maude Lindsay about a prince who sacrifices a special gift given to him by St Nicholas in return for a jar of rosemary to give to his ailing mother the queen.

Puppet Shows These are all my own original puppet plays that I freely let others use - with permission.

bullet The Substitute Rudolph - Rudolph is sick and Sally Jean and Bud need to find a "big and strong, quick and fast, flying animal to lead Santa's sleigh. Who shall it be?
bullet Socks for Santa - Sally Jean learns what it means to give the best the gift at Christmas time.
bullet Santa's Noisy Christmas - Based on the old "Noisy House" folktale. The Christmas fairy tells Santa to add more and more to his house until Santa appreciates all the joyful noise.
bullet Korkie's Good Deed - Korkie the Kangaroo is banished to the North Pole until she can learn what it means to be helpful. Santa comes up with a great idea and Korkie gets to come home...just in time for Christmas
bullet A Wish for Santa - Poor Sally is afraid that Santa won't find her at the South Pole. It's Pete the the rescue.
bullet A Stocking for Christmas - Witch Gwendolyn gets more than she bargained for when she switches her stocking with unsuspecting Bud.