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  • Phenomenal Woman Award from Belleville's Racial Harmony - for work in bringing storytelling to the underserved in St. Clair County.
  • The Chancellor's Award from the University of Missouri - St. Louis for the St. Louis Storytelling Festival Under the Arch Committee
  • The Jane O'Brien Award from the Illinois Library Association - 2002
  • Illinois ArtsTour Roster 2004-2005, 2006-2007, 2008-2009. 2010-2012
  • The Illinois State Board of Education recognizes Marilyn Kinsella as certified to grant CUPDs to teachers who attend her workshops
  • UMSL's July, 2007, Volunteer of the Month Award.
  • St. Louis Storytelling Festival's "Christine Eveland Volunteer of the Year Award" 2007
  • UMSL's Volunteer of the Year Award - 2008

  Annette Harrison, Marilyn Kinsella, Sherry Norfolk
July 2007

"Annette, Marilyn and Sherry volunteered with the department of Continuing Education- Arts & Science, Storytelling Festival. They gave of their time and talents freely, donating a tremendous amount of time. The women's greatest contribution was towards a study guide that the department was trying to develop. Annette, Marilyn and Sherry took an idea and developed the guide into a tool that could be placed on the website immediately. They were more than willing to volunteer their time, talent, and expertise to accomplish the goals and mission of the festival"  To see the study guide for the St. Louis Storytelling Festival. Click:


Study Guide - St. Louis Storytelling Festival

  • UMSL's Volunteer of the Year Award - May, 2008, for work on the study guide                     with Annette and Sherry.


The Illinois Arts Council
Marilyn Kinsella is listed on the Illinois Arts Council's ArtsTour. You can receive 30-50 % of her fees by filling out the least 8 weeks in advance. Marilyn will work with you to apply for this grant.

          For more information and an application, click here.

                For Marilyn's listing on ArtsTour, click

                 Marilyn A. Kinsella | Illinois Arts Council

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