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                                Accolades from here and there


bullet Marilyn-
Your story = perfect.
Your delivery = sublime.
Fondly and thankfully,
Yvonne Healy (fellow storyteller's remark about my story "Middle Woman" at the Northland's Concert, 2009)


bullet Mrs. Kinsella,
I just wanted to extend an additional thanks from everyone for such a wonderful evening. I think the boys would have sat there for hours if their parents would have let them. Several have already asked me when we'll have you back so I know we'll be seeing you in the future.    

                                                                                     Cubmaster, Cub Scout Pack 43, Mascoutah, IL.

bullet"Marilyn Kinsella told American Indian tales about monstrous beings and used suspense so skillfully that rows of   startled students turned around quickly when a gust of wind whipped against the back of the tent."                        

                                                                                      April, 2008,


Thank you so much for sharing your stories with our Premier Bank customers again this year! Our customers simply  adore you. You are so wonderful at what you do and it is truly amazing how you make your stories come to life. It was wonderful to have you back! Thank you!

                                                                                      Susan and the PALs Crew

bullet Marilyn,
Thank you for your wonderful stories. The children were definitely engaged! You have a wonderful Thanksgiving too!     We look forward to working with you in the future!  Thanks again,

                                                                                      Linda, reading teacher

    Reviews from my "Making Useful Study Guide Workshop" at the National Storytelling Conference in St. Louis, 2007.
bullet Great -- Thanks for a very useful workshop
bullet Thank you!  Very helpful
bullet Fabulous handouts and activity
bullet Good job!
bullet Very generous and informative


    Program Evaluations from Elderhostel, 2008

bullet"What a pleasant experience to hear stories from a quality storyteller.
bullet"Excellent presentation, very dramatic"
bullet"Spellbinding Storyteller!"
bullet"Marilyn is a gifted storyteller and gatherer"

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