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                                                                           Fabulous Folktales

                                                                                                Fairy Tale Stock Photography: Sea Fairy, Digital Illustration

                                                                                                                                       Adapted in Taleypo Talk

One of the great joys of storytelling is to find a story and then adapt it to one's way of telling it. The stories below are folk tales except for two original stories. I've added my own dialog, images, and participation to make these stories my own. I've also combined elements of stories and localized an exiting tale. You are welcome to take the stories and give them wings. If you tell the story, like it is written, I would like for you to give me credit. If you take the story and pare it down to its essentials and build it back is yours! Two stories - Red Shoes and Nattie are my original stories and under copyright .You are welcome to tell them, but please do not take them and make them your own. They are not a folktales. And, please do not record them in any form. Come with me now as we take a magical ride on Taleypo's magic carpet. Don't worry about gas is imagination-powered.!

"It's the story that matters, not the storyteller. Hear the stories, listen to
them, pay attention to them, gather them up from the meadow like
buttercups."                                                                            Leonni Swan




                    Anansi Bring Stories - African story about the spider bringing stories

A Stocking From St. Nicholas   an original St. Nick story - good girl/bad girl motif

Coyote Brings the Light     a California Indian story within a study guide   

Darby the Tailor   an original story using folktale motifs

Demon Goat  an original fractured tale based on Bill Grogan's Goat

Grandmother Spider Brings the Light   a Cherokee Porquois (how & why) story

Kanu Above and Kanu Below - Limba - African Tale

Legend of the Cedar Tree   a Cherokee Legend

Mary Culhane and the Dead Man an Irish Folktale

Nattie's Wild Hare   Original story about a rabbit named Nattie

Rabbit the Arrow the Arrow Maker  an adt. Lakota Legend

Red Shoes for a Real Princess  an original story

Rumpelstiltskin  a German Folktale

Tailypo - a southern folktale

The Beginning of Redhorn - a sacred Winnebago

The Blue Rose   an adaptation of a Chinese tale

The Blue Faience Hippopotamus adapted folktale by Joan Grant

The Devil's Bridge   a localized French Folktale

The Frog Prince - Revisited,   a Fractured Frog Prince

The Gingerbread Man    an adapted folktale for Christmas

The Hairy Toe   a Southern Folktale

The Hobyahs!  an English Folktale

The Magic Paintbrush - retold Chinese folktale

The Peddlar of Dreams - English folktale

The Piasa     an Illinois legend

The Theft of Smell  - adapted French tale

The Vanishing Hitchhiker at Sunset Hills  Illinois Urban Legend

The Whistling Tsonaquas   Adapted NW Coast Native Am.

Ticky-Picky Boom-Boom  a Jamaican folk tale

                        Too Much Noise One Halloween Night   Adpt.  Jewish folktale

"The dreamer awakes, the shadow goes by, / When I tell you a tale, the tale is a lie. / But listen to me, fair maiden, proud youth, / The tale is a lie, what it tells is the truth."                                                                         Traditional ending.