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                                                                       Versions of short folktales


In the workshop that I present called "The Perfect Story from Nursery School to Nursing Homes," I have the participants rewrite a short folktale. The group is divided into 4 age groups. Since then I have heard many versions of  the nursery tale favorite "Little Red Riding Hood." Here are some of my favorites:


Below is a great example of the "Butterfly effect." Roger Rose wrote this adult version the day after the workshop. To the tune of the Beverly Hillbillies...                   

I'll tell you a story about a girl named Red.
She had a poor old granny who was lying sick in bed.
Red came through the woods with a basket full of food,
When out of the bushes stepped this good-lookin' dude!  (wolf, that is)
He said, "Hey, Red!  I sure like the way you walk!"
She said, "Buzz off, Wolf. Don't have time to stop and talk.
Gotta get to my granny's so she won't get any sicker."
But the wolf knew a short cut and he got to granny's quicker. (house, that is) 
Granny hid in the closet when Wolfie came around.
Wolfie jumped into bed dressed in Granny's cap and gown.
When Red came in, Wolfie grinned a toothy grin,
And threw back the covers and told her to jump in.  (bed, that is)
Now Red was distracted by Wolfie's manly charms,
But just when he was ready to take her in his arms,
Granny came out of the closet and swept into the room,
And beat Wolfie's butt with the handle of her broom.  (red, that is)
This story has a moral, just as you know it should:
"Never talk to strangers when you're walking in the wood."
And, if you're a wolf, you can learn a lesson too:
"Don't mess around with grannies if you know what's good for you!"  (abstinence, that is)


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