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Take some time and peruse the following sites. They are full of curriculum ideas, bibliographies, links to other websites, and...stories! Many of the ideas that I developed came from other tellers doing the same work that I do. It's sort of like storytelling. You take the basic premise but then add some twists and turns and suddenly they are yours. These masterful storytellers are very generous with their ideas and deserve praise for being the "wind beneath my creative wing." Hopefully, they will become yours, also.

bulletHeather Forest
bulletKaren Chace
bulletDianne Hackworth
bulletAngela Davis
bulletRichard Martin
bullet Dianne de Las Casas
bullet Sally Crandall
bulletGary Wittmann
bulletKevin Cordi
bullet Allison Cox and Linda Fredericks
bulletEric Wolf  http: //
bulletSherry Norfolk

                                                                        What Fellow Storytellers Have to Say:


STORYTELLING: A Non-literate Approach to Teaching Reading. Tim Jennings, Storyteller from Vermont on the power of storytelling with difficult students

bullet Storytelling in Schools - an on-line brochure with many links to quantitative studies, innovative projects, obtaining articles, and resources on the importance of storytelling and education. Jackie Baldwin and Kate Dudding.
bullet Storytelling Articles on Youth Storytelling by many teller/contributors on Kevin Cordi's Website.
bullet - Sean Buvala has a great website with articles by other tellers.

                                                                                                  On-line Podcasts

Educational, one-hour podcasts by Eric Wolf. Each week since 2007, Eric Wolf has interviewed insightful, renowned tellers on many issues. Often the podcast includes a story, interview, and call-in questions. If you have trouble connecting to the sound, scroll down on the site and click on "Activate Your Internet Radio." You can diminish it and listen while you do other work. Here are some archived sessions that relate to education:


  1. SWC #070 Elizabeth Ellis Storytelling and the Development of Ethical Behavior.
  2. SWC #066 Michael D. McCarty - Storytelling and literacy in the 21st century
  3. SWC #060 Jack Zipes - Fairy Tales are still relevant to the children of today.
  4. SWC #059 Jim May - Storytelling in Classrooms.
  5. SWC #058 Mary Jo Huff - Early Literacy begins with rhythm rhyme & story time.
  6. SWC #056 Karen Chace - Story by story, building a school storytelling club.
  7. SWC #052 Jan Andrews & Jennifer Cayley - The Power of Folk Tales in children’s lives.
  8. SWC #049 Jackie Baldwin - Kate Dudding, Storytelling in Schools a reference guide to educational programs.
  9. SWC #046 Diane Williams, Literacy Development - Storytelling in the classroom.
  10. SWC #043 Dianne de Las Casas, Storytelling: A Safari into Literacy.
  11. SWC #042 Joyce Slater - Telling to teenagers with newborns.
  12. SWC #039 Steve Denning, The knowledge-based organization: Using stories to embody and transfer knowledge
  13. SWC #038 Bobby Norfolk The Brain is Hardwired for Stories.
  14. SWC #034 Elizabeth Rose - Empowering teachers to use storytelling.
  15. SWC #032 Heather Forest - Musical Folk Tales for Children.
  16. SWC #031 Mark Wagler - Reshaping classrooms with narrative pedagogy.
  17. SWC #030 K. Sean Buvala - Telling to teens and tweens.
  18. SWC #026 Rachel Hedman, Co-Chair of Youth, Educators, and Storytellers Alliance - Child tellers speak out: what they wish adults knew.
  19. SWC #024 Larry Johnson, Key of See Storytellers - How storytelling in your school and classroom creates successful leaders.
  20. SWC #023 Mary Margaret O’Connor, Owner of - Digital Storytelling using emerging technologies with your storytelling.
  21. SWC #013 Cynthia Changaris - Singing with Stories for Children.
  22. SWC #012 Rick Carson Working with Fear and Children.
  23. WC #010 Kevin Cordi Children telling Stories – Giving Children a Voice.
  24. SWC #009 Kate Fox - Ellyce Cavanaugh - Zayanne Thompson Camp directors talking about storytelling with children at camp.
  25. SWC #008 Stephen Hollen - Improvisational storytelling with children - Creativity and Children.
  26. SWC #007 Jim Flanagan - Teaching writing to children with storytelling and working with state benchmarks.
  27. SWC #006 Judith Black - Child Based Stories.
  28. SWC #003 Medicine Story - The power of Mythology with Children.

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