Template of the actual design used on a piece of pottery that found by the Winter Post during excavation. The cross in the center symbolized the four directions or the four season. At the top where one piece jets out is the approximate location of the winter solstice if this were looked at as a map for the sun calendar.

I used this template for an activity. I bought thin sheets of copper and cut them into about 3x5" pieces and punched a hole at the top with a hole puncher. I cut out enough templates for each student to have one. I had them tape the template to the copper. Then I gave each student a piece of cardboard that laid on the table.. They placed the copper/template over the cardboard and poked holes every few spaces with a push tack. Then they put a piece of yarn through the hole. When place over a window or light the design shown through the holes. This is a good activity for about 7 years old and up. It got too monotonous for younger children unless their parents helped. Feel free to copy this design and use it for your own art project.




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