Storytelling and QAR Strategies



                        Libraries Unlimited    ISBN: 1-59884-494-6     ISBN-13: 978-1-59884-494-8    120 pages

                                                                                                                                                                                          Storytelling and QAR Strategies offers a clear, detailed explanation of this research-based, reading comprehension framework, providing teachers, school librarians, and storytellers with the tools they need to incorporate the deep learning of QAR into storytelling events and classroom work. The authors furnish traditional tales, fables, and myths related to the 12 pillars of character education, underscoring the traits of caring, citizenship, fairness, honesty, respect, and responsibility. Each story is supported by QAR questions and includes activities for pre- and post-reading, as well as complete documentation and source information.

Bundling together character education, storytelling, and QAR, the book puts all of the necessary materials at the fingertips of teachers and librarians. It is also a valuable tool for storytellers, with guidance on developing the QAR strategies around a multitude of stories. Research proves that teaching QAR strategies results in deepened student comprehension as well as higher test scores. Thanks to this book, implementing the technique has never been easier.

Title Features:
Stories for grades 3-8, separated by grade level based on six of the character traits commonly presented in schools.
Questions for each QAR strategy for each story based on comprehension and relation to character ed.
Worksheets, organizers, and activities that bundles and solidifies the story, the character trait and comprehension.

About the Authors:

  • Phyllis Hostmeyer, Breese, IL: a consultant for Educational Resources Group, Inc., works internationally conducting professional development for educators.

  • Marilyn Adele Kinsella, Fairview Heights, IL: a full-time, professional storyteller who has told stories as a teacher and children's librarian since 1981.
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Workshops:                                                                                                                                                                              Phyllis and Marilyn present workshops on professional development, both together and individually, to teachers, librarians, and storytellers. The workshops above provide a complete list of workshop ideas, prices, and information.