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bullet...The Original
bullet...Along the Lewis and Clark Expedition Trail
bullet...Ishi, the Last of the Yahi
bullet...T0 Woodhenge & Beyond
bullet...From Little Egypt to Big Egypt
bullet...The Games the Ancient Ones Played
bullet...Our Odyssey to the Iliad
bulletCahokia Mound - The City of the Sun
bulletShow Me MO
bulletBringing the Light
bullet Show Me Mound City - a prehistoric look at historic St. Louis



      Since 2002, Experimental Archaeologist, Larry Kinsella and his wife, Storyteller, Marilyn Kinsella  have combined their talents to produce informative, entertaining, hands-on programs for schools, libraries, museums, and special events.  For details click HERE         

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bullet Stories 'n Stones
bullet Expedition
bullet Ishi
bullet Woodhenge

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