Stories 'n Stones: From Little Egypt to Big Egypt


            From the craggy bluffs of the the tombs along the deserts of the Nile:

Stories 'n Stones paints a picture of the similarities and differences between Southern Illinois (called Little Egypt) and the Land of the Pharaohs (Big Egypt). Storyteller, Marilyn Kinsella and Archaeologist, Larry Kinsella, team up once again to bring two vastly different landscapes to life with the stories and the ancient technology that made them alike...yet different. After discussing the importance of petroglyphs, hieroglyphs and obelisks, Marilyn tells the story of one of the most famous pictographs in Southern Illinois - "The Piasa". Larry will talk and demonstrate how the ancient ones were able to chisel and paint messages that survived for thousands of years. Marilyn then tells an Egyptian folktale written by Joan Grant called


                                                             "The Blue Faience Hippopotamus."

                               This hour-long program concludes with an Q & A . Recommended for 9-adults.


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